The successful use of innovative technologies has been an important factor in the company's success since the company was founded. We are successfully established in the market because we constantly invest in our machinery, in new technologies and high-quality staff training.

Let us inspire you with the technologies listed below.



Multi-component technology supplies injection-moulded parts, which consist of two or more plastics. To achieve a specific design, plastics with different colours can be combined in one operation. It is however also possible to combine different materials and therefore different properties making it possible to produce hard-soft connections and hard-hard connections.

We have the know-how to manufacture numerous multi-component parts. For example, we manufacture airbag parts using the 2K process. An airbag net is inserted fully automatically and over moulded with soft components.

Various tool technologies such as turntables, folding, index plate, gate valve and sliding table can be used here.

Gas injection

Gas injection

We can use our mobile gas pressure systems on all machines. This technique is particularly well suited for technical parts with wide varieties of wall thickness or accumulations of material.

In this way, parts can be produced economically without sink marks, because it enables shorter cycle times with less material being used. At the same time, the clamping force can often be reduced. The targeted formation of cavities also increases the rigidity of the moulded parts and thus counteracts possible distortion. Another advantage is having lighter design variants compared to normal injection moulding.

Mould labelling

Mould decoration

The variety of design possibilities and customisations are the main advantages of this new process. Through in-mould decoration (IMD) and in-mould labelling (IML), the plastic parts are surface-treated in one go.

With IMD a film is passed through the injection mould whereas with IML a preformed insert is fully automatically inserted into the tool and back-injected with plastic.

inotec uses decorative films, functional films and films for day and night design.

Künftige Technologien

Future technologies

New technologies and processes are constantly finding their way into the plastics industry. At inotec we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the game and this means closely monitoring all current developments within the industry – particularly with regard to new technologies that provide innovations in plastics processing.

Special technologies needed for individual products are of specific interest to us and an area in which we monitor developments very closely and consider ourselves very open-minded regarding adaptation and flexibility. These techniques include, for example, MuCell or injection-compression moulding. In this way, we aim to offer our customers the widest possible range of options while simultaneously relying on modern production processes.