8th Mai 2019

inotec Technology Day




Powerful Proficiency in Plastics Technology

inotec GmbH, based in Manching in Upper Bavaria, is a well-established company within the plastics processing industry that specialise in the production of optical and technical plastic parts. Our components are used in the automotive industry, medical technology industry, machine construction, the electrical and electronics industry and much more.

At our Manching headquarters we have a wide range of injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 25 tons to 1500 tons. This enables us to produce thermoplastic parts up to a part weight of 5200 grams in both conventional and very special injection moulding processes.

Due to our experience in the field of plastics processing, we are a competent business provider that can be relied on for the production of a wide variety of components.

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Our technology


Multicomponent technology offers a variety of interesting designs through the combined properties of plastics. We have the know-how to find a solution no matter how challenging the problem may be.

Gas injection

We are able to produce lightweight parts without sink marks at an economical price due to our special GID process. This technique increases rigidity through targeted cavitation and can be implemented in a variety of designs.

Mould decoration

This specialised process offers a very distinct form of surface refinement. The in-mould decoration connects foils with the thermoplastic carrier directly during the spraying process and gives you a high degree of freedom of design.

Our quality

In terms of the quality of our products, we set ourselves the highest of standards and expectations. For this reason, we use modern quality control systems and constantly monitor our production. Through the use of state-of-the-art production equipment and manufacturing technologies, we are able to set the benchmark for plastic parts that meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, we monitor the incoming raw materials and work together with professional suppliers in order to ensure consistently high quality.


Feel free to take a look at our Manching plant where innovative production technologies meet with modern storage systems and environmentally friendly processing.

Join us at inotec

Employees are an integral part of any successful company. The philosophy at inotec is to maintain motivation and efficiency through a modern working environment within a friendly and familiar team.

Our company is structured so that a wide variety of occupational fields work side by side on a daily basis - from skilled workers in the plastics industry, such as process mechanics, to the warehouse and our sales department, inotec's staff is a genuine community.

Thanks to our steady and consistent growth, we are regularly looking for motivated employees and trainees. On our careers portal we’ll keep you up to date with positions currently open.

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