Our Portfolio

Plastic Injection Moulding

This is our main area of expertise. We use different production techniques and, thanks to our large machinery combined with our know-how, we have a broad portfolio.

Should a regular long-term customer issue a request, we are fully able and willing to work together in both the upstream development and downstream finishing processes.

Technical parts

Since 1997 we have manufactured technical plastic parts for a variety of industries. We successfully implement all customer specifications and comply with the specified specifications and tolerances. For many years we have been a competent supplier to the automotive industry, manufacturing safety-relevant components for airbags as well as other technical plastic parts for a wide variety of applications according to the given requirements. Our highly qualified staff produce consistent quality using of our state-of the-art machinery.

Optical parts

Optical parts place particularly high demands on the injection moulding process and the tools used to do this. These include, for example: linings, components and functional parts for day and night design. It is important to fulfil the customer's requirements regarding feel, appearance, structure and colour and at inotec we have the necessary know-how to manufacture optical parts of all kinds and supplement this with various manufacturing techniques, such as back injection of foils or internal gas pressure, to give you a wide range of potential solutions.


Automation plays an important role in all the processes and operations used in our production and this enables us to increase our competitiveness. Our customers are able to benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness and safety thanks to our efficient production methods.

Our in-house know-how complements the involvement of our external partners and together we are able to implement solutions such as fully automatic assembly, fully automatic feeding of inserts including camera monitoring and corresponding documentation of production parameters and test results.


In the field of assembly, we have several options available. On the one hand, we offer the mechanical assembly of components, such as plug-in or screw connections. On the other hand, we still have many other methods to connect plastic parts on customer request. These variants include gluing, thermal forming or ultrasonic welding.

Further services

Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of services. We offer these in conjunction with external service providers. Our network includes numerous partners with whom we have already collaborated successfully over a long period of time. Through these partnerships, we have developed structures, whereby we can affect a wide range of different and unusual solutions based on specific customer requirements.

Component development

The development of components is the decisive step in the product development phase. Here, the design, functionality and manufacturability are crucial factors. Based on our many years of experience in the field of plastic-compatible component construction, we analyse the feasibility and discover existing optimisation potential.


For plastic injection moulded parts, specific tools are required, and we work tirelessly together with experienced companies at home and abroad who specialise in the production of these highly complex moulds and tools. Taking customer requirements into account, simulations such as filling analyses and delay calculations are carried out on an order-related basis. These results feed into the design of the respective tools.


For very complex or special components, it is often necessary to produce a prototype ahead of time as it is only possible to check the properties in authentic, practical tests. We and our business partners have the necessary know-how and the technical possibilities to create such prototypes. By using modern techniques from additive manufacturing, it is easily to perform efficient test patterns quickly and cost-effectively.

Tool and Mould Making

When selecting our suppliers of tools and moulds for the production of injection-moulded parts, we attach great importance to professionalism and quality and all of our external partners are experts in their respective fields. We source our tools and moulds from companies around the world. In this way we exploit the full potential of available technologies and can in turn use this technology advantage to supply our customers with high-quality components.


Dealing with customer requests for finished plastic parts from a single source is part of the day-to-day business for inotec. By collaborating with our highly competent business partners and suppliers, we are able to implement the desired finishing processes, such as painting, laser marking, pad printing or foil embossing. Consequently, we are able to reduce your organisational and logistical effort to a minimum and help you receive the desired end-product all from a single source.