Our company

Innovative plastics technology: Trading on our Product Range

In 1997, our company’s ceremonial foundation stone was laid in Ingolstadt. With innovative technology, thoughtful management and customer-oriented action, inotec has earned itself a good reputation among its customers over the years. inotec has been successfully established in the market due to the continuous expansion of our machinery pool, the introduction of new technologies and the continual optimisation of ongoing processes. In 2003 our production plant was relocated to the present location in nearby Manching allowing us to further expand our products and services.

Since our move we have supplied customers throughout Europe and shown that we are able to respond to individual customer requests thanks to our well-equipped production facility. Our equipment includes machines with a clamping force of between 25 and 1500 tons. Our modern, complex and efficient machinery is monitored and operated by our highly qualified and motivated team. It goes without saying that teamwork and permanent and professional training are important components in the philosophy of inotec.

Our employees

Our headquarters in Manching is home to a large number of employees working in a variety of positions. Whether directly in production or in more clerical and administrative areas, inotec’s emplyoees have professional know-how and are highly motivated.

At the same time, we, the people responsible for inotec, are committed to offering everyone a pleasant and rewarding working environment. For this reason, issues such as occupational safety, working conditions and expertise are top priority. Together, we want to ensure that each employee understands his or her role as an important part of inotec and can identify with and be proud of our company and our daily work.

Vision & Values

inotec’s strategy is one designed for long term success and responsibility, respect and safety are our priorities. For these reasons, all our decisions are made with one eye fixed firmly on the future. This applies both to dealing with our employees and to decisions affecting investments or corporate strategies. Training and education are of course also cornerstones for us at inotec.

Well trained professionals are the basis of our success. When dealing with our employees, as well as with our customers and suppliers, we value respect, consistency and reliability. We strive to be measured by our customer satisfaction and our open and and honest channels of communication with both customers and suppliers.


Quality at inotec is not limited to the quality of the products that we manufacture but is part of the daily work that we carry out in all areas. From sales to scheduling, manufacturing and outgoing goods, we attach great importance to providing optimum performance in all areas at all times and meeting our own high standards.

In order to safeguard these processes, we have a dedicated system of Quality Management according to DIN ISO 9001 and ATF 16949. The quality of the parts is additionally monitored and documented by means of test features and scopes coordinated with the customer using suitable measuring equipment.


Our warehouses and our scheduling are directly linked by modern IT systems. This allows short response times and delay-free data communication. By using an ERP system, we are able to ship goods quickly and thus keep tight deadlines. Both our goods inwards and our warehouse departments use modern methods. Furthermore, our storage and delivery facilities are equipped with loading ramps. This simplifies and accelerates the delivery of goods considerably.

Environmental Protection

It's taken for granted in all businesses within the industry today, that we make careful use of our environment and resources. We are thus aware of our responsibility and value environmentally friendly technologies in all areas of our company.

In order to use resources as sparingly as possible, we permanently optimise our production. We aim to achieve the lowest possible reject/waste rates, which in the end saves materials, raw materials and energy. Furthermore, we are a member of the Energy Efficiency Network Bavaria. The potentialities to reduce energy consumption are apparent and can be seen clearly at inotec.

We have already implemented many concepts. These include, for example, the conversion of the warehouse lighting to energy-efficient and long-life LEDs, the installation of frequency-controlled pumps and the use of waste energy to heat the building.